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This download section provides information that can't be found at the products section. Things you'll find here are fonts, logos and information about products that aren't located anymore in the products section. In some cases you need to install additional software. PDF is usually opened with Adobe acrobat reader, ZIP with WinZip etc.

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Recom branding

Recom font (needs to be placed in ROOT \ windows \ fonts )
Recom high resolution logo (PDF)

Recom DATA Traveller Driver for Windows 98
Recom DATA Traveller 80Gb+ Detection Fix


Download flyer data carrier series
Download flyer RC-9 black/silver case
Download flyer cpu coolers series
Download flyer RC-775 cpu fan
Download flyer RC-K09 CPU fan
Download flyer Striker gaming pad
Download flyer UV fans RC-8025CB & RC-12025CB
Download flyer RC-PE450TC 450 Watt.pdf
Download flyer RC-PE550TC 550 Watt.pdf
Download flyer RC-9 black.pdf
Download flyer RC-PE0DB580.pdf
Download the Product sheet RC-PE550Plus
Download the Product sheet RC-MC1
Download the Product sheet RC-MC1 Silent
Download the Product sheet RC-PWS-EVO
Download the Product sheet RC-DP-Series
Download the Product sheet RC-T12
Download the Data sheet RC-PEM600
Download the Product sheet RC-PEM600
Download Mambobass RC-MBW


CCFL mounting Powerstation tutorial
Tester T8 multi-language manual
Tester T12 english manual
Power Station EVO Liquid english manual
Mambobass wireless mini speaker english manual

Press Release

CoolDesk Easy Press Release kit
CoolDesk Mini Press Release kit
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